Motorists, Equity & Unity Party | Archive Index | Main Site | © 2004 - 2017 No. 28  The Background to The White House & Israel’s activities.    Data being gathered to show the connection between George Walter Bush’s entrance into the White House and the naming of Hamas & Hezbollah as terrorist organisations. First Link - George W Bush ..............(excerpt from article on Infoplease website) 2nd Link - 2000 presidential election - Stats 3rd Link - Coloured & Hispanic votes disallowed 4th Link - Ariel Sharon orders destruction of Gaza City Airport 5th Link - Pro-Israel Lobby 6th Link - American Israel Public Affairs Committee 7th Link - BBC - America’s New Christian Zionists - includes ‘on-line radio’ recording 8th Link - The New Yorker - article by Jeffrey Goldberg Information Link - BBC - Guide to the Gaza Strip Information Link - BBC - Hezbollah Link 5a - Pro-Israel Lobby Conclusion President Bush’s address to AIPAC in May 2004 Note: The rockets from Hezbollah into Israel (Haifa) were fired after the IDF invasion. In 1967 the USS Liberty was attacked by Israeli Forces by air and sea.        34 crew died and 172 were wounded, many permanently disfigured. A book was written about the incident but pressure was put on the publisher not to go to print - see links (left) for info. Link One Link Two Campaign funds to US Politicians